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Hilary Patrick

Chief Operations Officer and Senior Paralegal

Hilary Patrick is Grasso Law Firm’s Chief Operations Officer and Senior Paralegal.

Ms. Patrick graduated with highest honors from Heald College with an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Legal Administration.  She obtained her paralegal certification (with highest honors) from Arizona Paralegal, one of only a handful of schools approved by the American Bar Association.

Ms. Patrick has worked with Mr. Grasso for more than 27 years.  Ms. Patrick has substantial experience in all aspects of litigation and trial work (both state court and federal court).  Ms. Patrick has been part of the trial team that has secured numerous successful verdicts in extraordinarily difficult cases with high, multi-million dollar exposure. 

For example, in December 2016, Ms. Patrick served as lead paralegal in a catastrophic injury/road design case. As a result of his accident-related injuries, the plaintiff sought almost $20 million in total damages. After a multi-week jury trial, the jury returned a defense verdict in favor of the firm’s client (a local governmental entity). In 2015, Ms. Patrick served as lead paralegal in a police excessive force/wrongful death case tried in federal court. The case resulted in a unanimous defense verdict. As a result of this defense verdict, the firm was honored for securing one of the State’s top/significant defense verdicts for 2015. And this was not the first time that Ms. Patrick helped her team secure this very prestigious honor. In 2009, Ms. Patrick served as lead paralegal in two very large and difficult jury trials with very significant exposure (one case sought $11 million and the other case sought $6.6 million). Both cases resulted in successful defense verdicts. Both cases were honored for being two of the State’s top ten Arizona defense verdicts in a single year.

Ms. Patrick also has extensive experience with appellate work.  She has worked directly with Mr. Grasso on numerous cases in both state and federal court for the last twenty-plus years.  Ms. Patrick has worked directly on several cases that have established new and significant legal precedent in Arizona law.  For example, in one recent case, the firm created new law that now limits the liability exposure for both family counselors and family counseling facilities in Arizona.  Also, in another recent case, the firm created new law that limits the liability exposure for all charter schools in Arizona.

Aside from her extensive litigation and trial practice, Ms. Patrick oversees all of Grasso Law Firm’s business and operational affairs.  Before entering the legal field, Ms. Patrick was self-employed and directed the business operations of a family business.

Outside of her professional work, Ms. Patrick enjoys traveling and all outdoor activities.  She also spends a lot of time pampering and spoiling her two dogs, a large German Shepherd and a not-so-large Dachshund.

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