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Robert Grasso Jr.

Phone: 480.739.1200
Like many other top law school graduates, Mr. Grasso started his career at a large, prestigious law firm. Mr. Grasso quickly excelled with his personal trial practice and, in 1999, he decided to start his own firm. That year, he pulled together a gro… Read More
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Robert Lydford

Phone: 480.739.1200
Robert Lydford has over 14 years experience and serves as the Administrative Partner of the Grasso Law Firm. Before joining the Grasso Law Firm, Mr. Lydford practiced at a large national law firm defending personal injury and wrongful death cases. Fo… Read More
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Pari K. Scroggin

Phone: 480.739.1200
Pari K. Scroggin has over thirty years of experience and is a senior partner at the Grasso Law Firm. She has represented a wide range of clients in commercial, employment, municipal, professional liability, and civil rights matters. She has handled a… Read More
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Jenna Mandraccia

Phone: 480.739.1200
Jenna Mandraccia has almost 20 years of experience and has represented a wide range of clients in personal injury, wrongful death, professional malpractice, premises and products liability, civil rights, and appellate matters. She has handled all asp… Read More
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Susan Purtill

Phone: 480.739.1200
Susan Purtill joined the Grasso Law Firm as a partner in 2005. Her current practice focuses on governmental liability and personal injury defense. Ms. Purtill has substantial jury trial experience, in both federal court and state court, with an empha… Read More
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Pamela Judd

Phone: 480.739.1200
Pamela Judd has over 20 years of experience in civil litigation. She’s represented clients in commercial litigation, tort, bankruptcy, securities, product liability and other civil litigation matters. She’s handled all aspects of litigation from… Read More
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Karl Gruse

Phone: 480.739.1200
Karl J. Gruse joined the Grasso Law Firm in 2021. He has extensive experience defending clients in matters such as automobile accidents, large-scale construction defect actions, premises liability claims, products liability cases, class action toxic… Read More
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N. Patrick Hall

Phone: 480.739.1200
Mr. Hall has almost 20 years of litigation experience in a broad range of matters. He joined Grasso Law Firm in 2018 after spending several years at one of the largest law firms in the United States. He graduated near the top of his class and served… Read More
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Michael B. Smith

Phone: 480.739.1200
Michael B. Smith joined the Grasso Law Firm in 2022 and has been in practice since 1991. He represents clients in cases involving general liability claims as well as professional liability, medical malpractice, and elder law matters. Mr. Smith takes… Read More
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Andrea Wright

Phone: 480.739.1200
Andrea Wright has represented a wide range of clients in professional malpractice, premises and products liability, construction defect, personal injury, class action, and general commercial litigation matters. After graduating from the University of… Read More
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Noel Reddy

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Reddy serves as the Firm’s Director of Litigation Operations. In addition, Ms. Reddy is the Executive Paralegal to Robert Grasso, Jr. As the Firm’s Director of Litigation Operations, Ms. Reddy oversees all of the operational issues of the… Read More
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Tony Mezzatesta

Phone: 480.739.1200
Bio Coming Soon. Read More
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Garrett Neves

Mr. Neves serves as the Firm’s Director of Business Operations and Technology. In this management roles, he oversees the general business operations of the Firm and serves as the lead on any technology issues. Mr. Neves also works directly with the… Read More
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Kelcey Grasso

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Grasso serves as the Firm’s Director of Administration. In her management role, she oversees the Firm’s legal assistants and all administrative activities of the Firm. Ms. Grasso also works directly with the Firm’s Director of Litig… Read More
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Yvette Tepper

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Tepper is a Senior Paralegal at the firm working with Mr. Grasso on a variety of complex litigation matters. Ms. Tepper has 25-plus years of experience in civil litigation including civil rights defense, corrections defense, insurance defense, go… Read More
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Marsha Gallegos

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Gallegos is a Senior Paralegal at the firm working on a variety of complex litigation matters. Ms. Gallegos has 15-plus years of experience in civil litigation on both plaintiff and defendant sides. She began her paralegal career working for an i… Read More
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Donna Ross

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Ross is a Senior Paralegal at the firm and has 40+ years of experience in civil litigation, primarily for the defense. She began her career in 1982 as a legal assistant for a criminal defense firm. In 1988 she moved to Phoenix from California and… Read More
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Sarah Grasso-Neves

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Grasso-Neves is a paralegal at the Firm and in that role, works on a large variety of complex cases. Ms. Grasso-Neves also assists the Firm’s Director of Litigation Operations (Noel Reddy) on various special projects – including work on cases… Read More
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Joanne Garcia

Phone: 480.739.1200
Bio Coming Soon Read More
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Aly Shomar-Esparza

Phone: 480.739.1200
Ms. Shomar-Esparza grew up in rural Western Maryland and worked for a small family law firm where she began to develop her paralegal skills until she moved to Arizona in 2000. Shortly after moving to Arizona in 2000, she worked at the Arizona Attorne… Read More
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